We believe in eating in a way Mother Nature intended us to — food in its most natural state. Replace harmful soft drinks with fresh cold-pressed juices. Swap your acidic, hot brewed coffee for a less acidic, cold-brewed one. Substitute processed foods for wholesome nutritionally dense ones. Ditch traditional desserts for clean treats that are free of dairy, refined flours and sweeteners. 

The high intake of vitamins and minerals help in keeping your employees healthy, boosting energy level and staying focused at work. All our food and drinks are handmade daily using the best produce in our kitchen. We avoid the use of dairy, gluten, chemical additives or preservatives of any kind.  


We had the privilege to engage Sheeba - The Nutritionist who is a Canadian born, having lived in U.S, India, Hong Kong and now living in Singapore. Sheeba's East and West exposure fused into a passion to discover health naturally, but realistically.


Traditional blending exposes the juice to heat, which can oxidise the juice destroying flavour and its nutritional benefits.  Our slow moving gear juicer applies pressure on the fruit, vegetables and nuts we use for our juices. This "cold" process produces an end product, which is a delicious, smooth pulp-free juice that retains the highest possible concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for instant uptake into your blood stream.