As we like to ensure only the freshest ingredients are used for our juices, we will require orders to be placed 3 days before your start date.

For juice cleanses, we encourage orders to be come in 5 days in advance in order for us to prepare and for you to benefit the most out of it.

We do face popular dates at times, so order early to avoid disappointment! Should you encounter difficulties placing orders online or need recommendations, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


Payment Mode

We accept payment online made with either a Paypal account or major credit cards. You are not require to have a Paypal account to pay via credit card although the payment gateway is under Paypal. Do drop us a note at should you encounter any difficulties with the payment. 


Each Seed & Soil Cleanse is made to order in small batches and delivered directly to our clients. 

There are 2 ways to get our juice cleanse into your hands:

To have a Seed & Soil Cleanse hand-delivered to your home or office, it is a flat fee of $20 in Singapore when purchased online. To maintain the integrity and freshness of the cleanse, pick-up/delivery is made every 2-3 days. Therefore 5 & 7 days cleanses are to be picked up/delivered 2 times respectively (incurring no extra charges) depending on the duration selected.

Please ensure someone is there to receive the juices and should there be no one within the stipulated time slot, there will be no rescheduled delivery nor refund for the juices.

If you have chosen self collection at our store, be sure to pick up in the evening prior to the selected commencement date between 4 – 8pm. Similarly, for 5 & 7 days cleanses, there will be a 2nd collection after the 2nd or 3rd day of your cleanse. Juices are required to be chilled constantly therefore we encourage you to head home after the collection. Cooler bag are provided for all juice cleanse orders and it can keep the juices cool for a maximum of 2 hours approximately. Delivery is encouraged to ensure the quality and convenience. As the juices are raw and unpasteurised, it is not recommended to consume the juices after the chilled shelf life of 3 days from your commencement date. 

We do not accept cancellation of orders or refunds once the order is confirmed but should you need to postpone your order due to unexpected circumstances, please contact us at at least 7 days before your start date and we may allow credit postponement up to 3 months.